PCB Machines

High Speed PCB Drilling Machine

Number of Шпиндельs: 1、2、5、6、7 axis
Шпиндель speed:160000、180000、200000、250000 rpm
Tool capacity: 400 pcs/axis
Design for small dia. drilling, Min. working dia. : Ø0.1 mm

High Speed PCB Routing Machine

Number of Шпиндельs: 2、4、5、6 axis
Шпиндель speed:60000、80000 RPM
High rigidity frame structure design
Auto-unloading PIN system

PCB CO2 Laser Drilling Machine

Copper direct drilling (DLD)
High power CO2 laser, the max laser output power is 250W
High speed scanning system, position accuracy < ±10μm
Automatic load/unload、automatic galvano compensation、automatic cooprdinate compensation

V-Scoring System Machine

Board dimensions:Min. 50x50 mm ; Max. 720x550 mm
Cutter revolution:10,000 rpm
Jump cute:Max. 20 pitches (linear + jump)
Work piece material: aluminum substrate、PCB board

Resin Cutting Machine

Best performance and precision
Capabilities: glass substrate、aluminum substrate、plastic substrate
Providing customized service based on special specification request