Respect for individual talent is the core of a people-oriented company.
The award list of 14th Industrial Sustainable Excellence Award has just been released, and Tongtai Machine & Tool Co., Ltd. is on this list. This prize is awarded by the Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs and is designed for praising the manufacturers who have shown extraordinary performances in technology, service, safety, environmental protection, business administration, and innovation. In Taiwan, this award is the highest accolade in this manufacturing industry.

From the establishment in 1969, Tongtai has always been a significant brand in the Taiwanese machine tools industry. Based on developing skills to increase both humanism and technology, Tongtai participates in progressive projects to fulfill its civil obligations as well as to increase its portfolio of key patents. This combination lifts Tongtai to a leader position in the Taiwanese machine tools industry. In addition, Tongtai has adopted “aggressive innovation, value formation, and pursuit of customer satisfaction” as its foremost business concept and works hard in providing “the total solution” to customers. Tongtai expects to provide strategies for the best investment returns to each and every client. We are looking forward to be a member of the most excellent equipment suppliers in the world.

In recent years, Tongtai has invested in environment-friendly manufacturing processes with great results. That includes reducing more than 30% material loss by applying environment-friendly materials and designing power-saving machines saving 80% working hours by developing the Q-1st Piece Output; extending 35% tool life and improving machining efficiency by 40% using dry-type machining. Furthermore, in the aspect of environment-friendly design, power consumption has decreased by more than 50% by equipping LED lights in the machines, and 85% by variable-frequency hydraulic system.

In addition, beginning in 2013, for responding to the trend of “Manufacturing Services”, Tongtai adopted the marketing tactic called “3E4A.” Focusing on the three main customer needs- Easy to Set Up, Easy to Keep Productivity, and Easy to Maintain. By integrating the technological resources of the members of Tongtai Group, various customers’ needs are satisfied by different technological applications. Moreover, Tongtai has established “Tongtai-Technical Application Center” (T-TAC) with the principal of “actively taking care of customer’s machining solutions.” By comprehensive consultation, every customer’s individual needs will be clearly determined. With advanced, professional machining technologies planning, Tongtai is able to provide more than customer’s requirement. All of Tongtai’s products, with excellent machine quality and software applications, have outstanding competitive value throughout the global market.

In the machine tools industry, the most important asset for a company is people. From the original design of a machine to the completion of the machine fabrication, each step needs people who have professional skills. So, duly, Tongtai always develops talent as the most important mission. Tongtai not only invests huge resources in designing completed training courses for different professions, but also provides comfortable working environments for all its employees. This philosophy is the secret reason as to why Tongtai has been able to keep growing for 44 years.

Concentrating on the future as a member in the global village, Tongtai will continue to work with the thought of humanism and further support activities for social cares, as well as keep exploring environment-friendly technologies to apply in the manufacturing processes.

Finally, for the society, Tongtai considers it an honor to shoulder greater responsibility as a part of its corporate mission. Only diligent R & D will continue to enhance the competitiveness of the corporate brand by providing customers with the best service and advanced, innovative processes. This pro-active approach will allow us to fulfill our corporate citizen obligations, so that together we can create higher value for our employees, customers, shareholders, business partners, society, and the Earth. We, Tongtai, expect not only to increase outstanding in the Taiwanese machine tools industry, but to become a paragon in corporate development.