The growth of orders drives Tongtai‘s income up

Yesterday, April 17, Tongtai group held the grand opening ceremony for Tongtai Technical Application Center (T-TAC). The C.E.O., Mr. Yen of Tongtai group, indicated “According to the recent new orders, the business atmosphere is becoming better and we are expecting to have an obvious growth in the 3th quarter.

C.E.O. Yen pointed out “Recently, by the recovery of automotive industry in China and Southeast Asia, the orders in Tongtai are growing obviously. This T-TAC is the first interactive platform in the industrial supply chain. It will provide the services of advancing machining skills, trial tests, and total machining solutions, all of which will help in getting orders.

In addition, for entering the market of automotive devices in Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), Tongtai had been invested NTD. 8o million to subsidiary company and assembly factory investing in Malaysia. The total plan launched in April and will finish in the next year. In the estimation, it will contribute 200 million outputs in annual. Moreover, Tongtai will have tax preference, 5% to 8% free charge, while selling the products to ASEAN.