Taiwan machine tools manufacturers aim at EMO Hannover in 2013

EMO Hannover 2013 will be staged on September 16-23 in 2013.

EMO Hannover is the top global trade fair in the world. The topic for next year is “Intelligence in Production.” Days ago, the organizer, VDW, held a presentation in Taichung and there were almost 200 Taiwanese machine tool manufacturers who attended this meeting, including the industry representatives from CMD, TMBA, and TAMI.

A director of VDW indicated “EMO is the most important trade show in the manufacturing industry. In EMO2011, there were 2000 exhibitors participating, 60% of the participants were from 40 countries including 155 exhibitors from Taiwan.

Furthermore, there were 140 thousand overseas professional visitors, from over 100 countries, who attended. The percentage of visitors from outside of Germany approximated 36%. To calculate on non-EU visitors, the people who came from the Asia have obviously increased.”

Until now, there are almost 140 machine tool manufacturers who signed up and it is estimated that more than 200 Taiwanese manufacturers will participate in EMO2013.