Company History
1  Jan., 1969Company founded and registered with the capital assets of NTD 4,600,000. Principal products included automatic turning machines, multi-spindle drilling and tapping machines, and special purpose machines.
2  Mar., 1975Technical cooperation with Matsuuta Machinery Co., Ltd. (Japan) for pin board type milling machines
3  1980Excellent Quality Management Factory was given by the Bureau of Standards, Metrology & Inspection, M.O.E.A., R.O.C.
4  Jan., 1981First class award in Quality Control (QC) was given after inspection by Ministry
of Economic Affairs.
5  Feb., 1982Technical cooperation with Ando Electric Co., Ltd. (Japan) for copy drilling mac-
hines in pc boards
6  May, 1982Product line expanded to CNC lathes, printing circuit board drilling machines
(Anto Denki Cooperation), numerical drilling machines, and spinning machines.
7  Jun., 1984
Self-developed 4-axis super high speed PCB drilling machine.
8  Nov., 1984Excellent Taxes Payment Company was awarded by Ministry of Finance, R.O.C.
9  Mar., 1985Product line expanded to vertical machining centers and horizontal machining centers.
10  May., 1985Cooperated with Chung Shan Institute of Science and Technology and devel-
oped automatic dual-cutting machine. This contributed instrumentally for military equipments production.
11  Oct., 1986Technical cooperation with Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd. (Japan) for horizontal machining center, MY-I
12  Nov., 1986Technical cooperation with Hitachi Seiki Co., Ltd. (Japan) for horizontal machin-
ing center, MY-II
13  Nov., 1990Tongtai’s products, including boring spindle unit, milling spindle unit and drilling spindle unit were awarded MOS qualified certificate.
14  Mar., 1991

"Graphics equipment for CNC lathe’s machine bed structure design" obtained patent from Ministry of the Interior, R.O.C.

15  Jul., 1991

"CNC lathe’s connecting device between feeder and tailstock" obtained patent
from Bureau of Standards, Metrology & Inspection, M.O.E.A., R.O.C.

16  Nov., 1991Excellent Taxes Payment Company award was given by Ministry of Finance, R.O.C.
17  Jul., 1992Cooperated with Hitachi Seiki Co., Ltd. (Japan) and provided numerous autom-
atic production lines to automobile and air conditioner companies such as TOYOTA, Far Hsing, Hitachi Taiwan, Toshiba Taiwan, Elite Sewing Machine, Panasonic Taiwan, SYM, YAMAHA Taiwan.
18  Sep., 1992Technical cooperation with Kiryu Co., Ltd. (Japan) for vertical CNC lathe, TVL30-S2 and TVL30-S4
19  Jan., 1993Tongtai’s CNC lathes and vertical machining centers were issued “Taiwan Exc-
ellence Awards” by Ministry of Economic Affairs.
20  Nov., 1993Disabled Welfare Promotion Award was given by Kaohsiung city government.
21  Jul., 1994Certified ISO 9002
23  Jul., 1995Ministry of Finance initiated the invoice rectification policy.
24  Oct., 1995Signed the documents of asset and technical cooperation with Hitachi Seiki (Japan) and developed horizontal machining centers, TMH-400 and TMH-500.
25  Apr., 1998Signed the agreement for asset and technical cooperation with Hitachi Seiki (Japan), Hitachi Seiki provided NTD 28,000,000
26  Oct., 1998In-house developed 6-axis super high speed PCB drilling machine.
27  Dec., 1999Certified ISO-14001
28  Sep., 2000Listed on OTC market
29  Sep., 2002Certified ISO-9001
30  Sep., 2003Listed on the Taiwan exchange market
31  Jun., 2004Tongtai held 52% interest in alliance with Honor Seiki Co., Ltd. Product line ex-
panded to medium and large size CNC vertical lathes.
32  Oct., 2004Suzhou factory in China started official operations. This fulfilled our the first  
goal of dual manufacturing centers.
33  Oct., 2005Tongtai held 52% interest in alliance with Asia Pacific Elite Corp. and integrated mold machining centers.
34  Jan., 2006ISO14001 certificate renewed
35  Jun., 2006Tongtai headquarters started official operations in Southern Taiwan Science Park-Kaohsiung Science Park
36  Dec., 2007Tongtai lead Industrial Technology Development Program "Nanosecond laser micro-processing equipment integration plan"
37  Feb., 2008Phase 2 factory expanded with total space achieved 39,500 m². This establish-
ed the foundation of future development.
38  Apr., 2009The Council of Labor Affairs initiated career continuing education plan.
39  Oct., 2010Tongtai held 52% interest in alliance with Quicktech Machinery Co., Ltd. Produ-
ct line expanded to small high speed CNC lathe.
40  Dec., 2010AEO was awarded by Directorate General of Customs, Ministry of Finance. It’s the first company to obtain this certificate in the machine tool industry.
41  July, 2011        Tongtai was awarded as one of "Top 100 Taiwan Brands" by the Bureau of Fo-
reign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs R.O.C.